New Jersey Well Water Testing

The New Jersey Private Well Testing Act became effective in September 2002. The law states “The PWTA is a consumer information law that requires sellers (or buyers) of a property with wells in NJ to test the untreated groundwater for a variety of water quality parameters, including 32 of human health concern, and to review the test results prior to the closing of title. Landlords are also required to test their well water once every five years and to provide each tenant with a copy of the test results.”

The law also states the following:

  • The untreated raw water directly from the well must be sampled.
  • Most parameters are valid for 1 year from the initial sampling date. Total coliform (bacteria) is valid for 6 months.

ATS helps make complying with this law easy.


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Our specialists come to your house and take the samples. According to the law, we sample the untreated water directly from the well. If you have a water treatment system, such as a water softener, we simply bypass it to take the raw sample. Then we turn the system back on and take a sample of the treated water. Water treatment systems are often installed to remove known contaminants in the water. The second sample can show that the system is working and correcting failures found in the untreated water.

We recommend that you have the well water test done before your closing date. Many wells fail, and if yours has a problem you have time to get it corrected without delaying your closing.

Water analysis results are reported within 7-10 business days from the sampling date. If you still have questions our Water Experts are ready to help you.