EPA Regulatory Changes 2019

Is your facility prepared for the EPA's revision of existing requirements for Underground Storage Tank systems in 2019?

EPA Storage Tank Regulations

Meeting UST Requirements in 2019

The EPA has published a manual that contains brief summaries of the federal underground storage tank (UST) requirements for operation and maintenance (O&M), as well as practical help that goes beyond the requirements.

Checklists prompt the user to look closely at what kinds of equipment are in use and how to keep that equipment working properly over the lifetime of the UST system. The manual provides record keeping forms that also help the UST owner and operator keep equipment operating properly. The manual can be accessed here.

The following are some highlights from the new EPA regulations:

Beginning October 13, 2018 customers must: 

  • begin performing periodic walkthrough inspections.
  • begin testing all containment sumps used for piping interstitial monitoring every three years for liquid tightness or use a double-walled containment sump with annual interstitial monitoring.
  • conduct their first periodic walkthrough inspection of their release detection equipment.

These are just a few of the new regulations that may affect your facility. Is your facility compliant in 2019? Contact one of our experts to discuss the requirements for your facility today!

Areas covered by this service
  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Connecticut (CT)
  • Maryland (MD)
  • Delaware (DE)
  • Virginia (VA)

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