Exploratory Digs

When a tank sweep is performed on a property for underground heating oil tanks, an exploratory dig may be necessary as further investigation of located metallic areas.

Tank Sweep

Exploratory Digs

When a tank sweep is performed on a property, field technicians are looking for several indications that an underground heating oil tank exists including:

  • Scan of the 30′ perimeter around the home
  • Fuel lines
  • Vent pipes
  • Fill pipes

In cases where a metallic object is located underground which cannot be definitively determined to be an underground heating oil tank, ATS will recommend further investigation of this area or, in some cases, several areas on the property by performing an exploratory dig.

Are you concerned about the existence of an underground heating oil tank on your property?

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Our Exploratory Dig service includes:

  • An ATS field technician uncovering a portion of the metal area to determine if the area of concern is an underground heating oil tank.
  • If the area is not determined to be an underground oil tank, we attempt to determine what the area is. In some cases, we find old septic systems and other vessels underground. These areas should be properly abandoned or removed as they also can cause future issues on the property such as sinkholes and contamination.
  • Photographs are taken of the object and area to provide a visual perspective of the object and surrounding area.
  • A full report based on our findings as well as photographs of the uncovered area.

ATS also understands that when someone is selling a home, they don’t want the stress of having inspectors bringing heavy machinery onto their property and digging unnecessarily large areas and leaving tire tracks on their home. This can be an aesthetic nightmare for a homeowner trying to sell their property. With our exploratory dig service, no heavy equipment is used and our field technician uncovers a controlled area, which allows for minimal disturbance of the property.

With an exploratory dig, ATS can provide peace of mind to homeowners, buyers and realtors.

Areas covered by this service
  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • New York (NY)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Connecticut (CT)

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We hired ATS to do an exploratory dig after a different company suspected a UST in our backyard. ATS arrived early to our appointment (the only contractor to do so!) and performed their own sweep. They determined with 99% certainty that there was in fact no tank, and were open about that fact, offering to not dig and not charge us! That candor was most appreciated. I still had them dig, and sure enough, there was nothing there. Very professional and personable, would definitely recommend.

T. Mastic, New Jersey

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