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ATS provides private well water testing for real estate transactions. We also offer drinking water testing to ensure the water you and your family drinks is safe.

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ATS Provides Comprehensive Water Analyses For All Your Water Testing Needs

Our private well water test meets any state’s testing standards required for selling your home. Our professional staff will provide reports when you need them. ATS makes your well and municipal water testing easy!


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  • What types of properties are subject to the well testing requirement?

    The Act covers SALES of two types of properties, and LEASES of other properties. Testing is required for the following: 1) SALE of any property that gets its drinking water from a private well located on the property, and 2) SALE of any property that gets its drinking water from a well that has less than 15 service connections or that does not regularly serve an average of at least 25 people daily at least 60 days out of each year. 3) Leasing of any property that gets its drinking water from a private well that isn’t required to be tested under to any other State law.

  • What will happen if the testing is not done? Will the property sale be void?

    Testing of your well water is important to your family’s health. If testing is not done, you and your family may face a health risk and not know it. You may also be subject to enforcement action.

  • Does the testing requirement apply to drinking water wells at newly constructed residences?

    Yes, if the property is being sold or leased.

  • What contaminants must the well water be tested for?

    That depends on where you live. All wells must be tested for the following contaminants: total coliform bacteria, iron, manganese, pH, all volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with established Maximum Contaminant Levels, nitrate, and lead. If total coliform bacteria are detected, a test must also be conducted for fecal coliform or E. coli. Private wells located in certain counties will also have to test for arsenic, mercury and 48-hour rapid gross alpha particle activity. Contact one of our representatives to discuss testing requirements in your area.

Water Testing Services

Private Well Testing

Are you buying or selling a home with a private well? ATS makes sure you meet your local well testing requirements.

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Home Water Testing

Our EZ Water Tests provide a complete water testing solution as well as testing for particular contaminants. Our water testing experts are trained to help you with your particular situation.

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Daycare Water Testing

If your daycare center has a private well your facility is required to ensure that your drinking water is safe.

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Water Contaminants

Learn more about the contaminants which are commonly found in drinking water and make sure that your contaminant levels are not dangerous.

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Water Doctor

If you think you have a problem with your water, our water doctor will help you identify the source and if it should be treated.

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Well Water Testing FAQs

How much will the testing cost? What contaminants must the well water be tested for? You will find the answers to all your water testing concerns here.

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ATS makes the water testing process painless and always provides us with professional and courteous services. I would recommend them for all your water testing needs.

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