A message from Christopher M. Tiso, President & Founder of ATS Environmental

Making it easy!


Welcome to ATS Environmental – a company that makes stressful & complicated processes easy for our clients. As the company founder, I have always loved finding easy ways to resolve complex issues. My main area of focus is in the environmental field. I love finding easy ways for our clients to control their environmental risk.

How ATS started

I did not follow the usual path to get where I am today. I have a law degree from Georgetown & took more classes in tax law than any lawyer I know. I loved figuring out the complex tax code & making it simple to understand. While I was at school, I spoke with many practicing lawyers and was struck by how many were dissatisfied with the career path they chose. I didn’t want that for myself & made a commitment to finding a different way to use my skills.

Helping Real Estate Agents – Property Buyers & Sellers

One day I read a newspaper article describing a problem a new homeowner was having with a leaking oil tank. I was surprised to learn that there wasn’t an easy way for a person to test an oil tank for leaks before buying a home. With some advice from my father (who is a real rocket scientist), I started an environmental testing company. Hard to believe that was more than 17 years ago!

We developed a niche in testing fuel storage tanks for the real estate market. The computerized testing technology we use, some of it proprietary, provides test results and an easy to read report in an hour. We pride ourselves on making it easy for realtors and home buyers and sellers to get through this stressful process.

Business Expansion – Commercial & Industrial

With the help of a fantastic team of overachievers, I expanded the business into other areas including septic inspections and private well testing. We also operate a commercial & industrial division. Our mission remains the same. Whether the customer is buying a home or trying to comply with complex environmental regulations, ATS makes environmental testing easy!

If you tell us, we will listen and we will act.

Many petroleum dealers and service station owners are frustrated with poor service provided by other testing contractors. Typical problems include:

  • Arriving late for the specified appointment times.
  • Confusing and complicated invoicing.
  • Replacement of parts and repairing of systems that were functioning properly.
  • Disruption of business and loss of revenue because the contractor requires too much
  • downtime to perform testing and repairs.
  • Too many site visits to complete compliance testing.
  • General non-responsiveness to client requests and special needs.

ATS and its quality control team make this promise:

If you are not satisfied with our services, we’re not satisfied. All you have to do is tell us once, and we will seek an immediate resolution of the issue.

Safety and compliance are our priorities! We put people first!

The health, safety and welfare of our customers, employees and the communities we serve are paramount.

Continuing training

Thorough and ongoing employee training programs ensure that our specialists are completely competent in the use of cleaning equipment and the application of products.

Avoiding risks

We emphasize risk avoidance in all of our training materials and classes.

Following rules

We strictly adhere to all state/provincial, local, federal and client-provided safety regulations where applicable.

Fulfilling requirements

We maintain liability and worker’s compensation insurance requirements.

Promoting awareness

Our documented safety policies are distributed and enforced regularly to guarantee awareness and consistent compliance.

Member of the following associations

ATS Environmental is the holder of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection state contract.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection state contract