Spill buckets are also called spill containment manholes or catchment basins. Basically, a spill bucket is a contained area around the fill pipe. Underground storage tanks must have spill prevention equipment (commonly called spill buckets or catchment basins) to contain drips and small spills that can occur when the delivery hose is disconnected from the fill pipe. To contain a spill, the spill bucket must be liquid tight. Spill buckets are not designed to contain fuel for long periods.

To protect against spills, the spill bucket needs to be large enough to contain any fuel that may spill when the delivery hose is uncoupled from the fill pipe. Spill buckets typically range in size from 5 gallons to 15 gallons.

You are required to test spill prevention equipment at least every three years for liquid tightness.

No later than October 13, 2018, you’re required to perform your first three year test for liquid tightness.

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