Municipal Water and Community Wells

Homes being served by municipal water should consider testing their drinking water because there could be contaminants in the water. Federal and state regulatory authorities follow clean drinking water standards. When a municipality or community well meets these standards, the water is considered safe to drink. While most experts agree these standards are adequate to protect the health of most residents in the area, the regulations do allow some contaminants to enter the water.  This fact can be disconcerting to some people.


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Many times contaminants can enter the drinking water as it travels from the treatment facility to your home. Sometimes unwanted substances can enter the drinking water from inside the home. In most cases, installing treatment systems within the home can reduce or remove toxic contaminants from your drinking water. To determine what treatment system you may need, monitor your water quality regularly.

Local Water Quality Makes Headlines

The New York Times published a story discussing the safety of municipal water treatment systems. Read more here.

After reading the article we strongly suggest reading the thread of user comments that accompany the story. In addition, a town mayor  responds by disputing some of the claims in New York Times. Read more here

Lead in drinking water is a concern, as lead can come from the piping within your home or water system. Learn more here.

Chromium levels in drinking water are being monitored more closely. Learn more here.