Annual Well Testing

Well water monitoring is recommended: Often, homeowners don’t realize that they should be testing their private well water regularly. What you don’t know about your drinking water may be harmful to your health. Certain contaminants can even damage the inside plumbing and seriously damage  bathroom sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs.


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You are responsible for your drinking water quality: If you are living in a home and the water source is a private well, you are responsible for maintaining the quality of your own drinking water. How do you do this? At the very least, you should be monitoring you water for certain contaminants, like bacteria and nitrate on a yearly basis. If there has been recent construction at the home, a leaking septic system or an oil tank fuel spill, an evaluation of your water is strongly suggested.

Wells require routine maintenance: Their neglect can cause the well components to breakdown which may allow harmful contaminants into the drinking water.