The EPA requires owners and operators to take steps against underground storage tank product releases into the environment for both environmental and health purposes. UST releases can be detrimental to both human health as well as the environment through soil and potential groundwater contamination.

Testing your containment equipment will help you avoid the high cost of remediation of the soil and monitoring for groundwater contamination. Testing containment equipment also greatly reduces liability for owners and operators who are susceptible to legal action due to the potential devastating health and environmental effects a leaking underground oil tank can cause.

Not sure what components make up your containment system?

What is required for Under Dispenser Containment?

No later than October 13, 2018, you must perform your first three year containment sump test for liquid tightness on Under Dispenser Containment used for interstitial monitoring of piping.

Under Dispenser Containment must be liquid-tight on its sides, bottom, and at any penetrations. Under Dispenser Containment must allow for visual inspection and access to the components in the containment system or be periodically monitored for leaks from the dispenser system.

Why choose ATS Environmental for your compliance inspections?

  • Federal, state and county regulatory compliance requirements are constantly changing and ATS Environmental has the knowledge and understanding of the requirements to keep you compliant and we track all new regulatory changes.
  • Exact time appointments. We’ll schedule your compliance inspections when it’s convenient for you within the required deadlines.
  • We use a sophisticated tracking system to keep your station or facility compliant.
  • State of the art testing equipment used for all of our inspections to keep your facility compliant.
  • Inspection/testing discounts for NJGCA members.
  • ATS Environmental is the New Jersey state contract holder since 2007.
  • ATS Environmental has the ability make repairs on any issues that may arise during an inspection.

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