Underground Oil Tank Testing

ATS provides comprehensive tank testing, underground oil tank searches and soil testing. Making sure buyers don’t take on someone else’s liability is our expertise and our technicians have years of field experience. We’re in business to help buyers, sellers and homeowners through the process of environmental testing.

Check out our video of a residential tank test being performed for a real estate transaction.

Identify the Source of the Leak

Distinguish leaks in the tank from leaks in vent or fill pipes. A pipe leak that is mistaken for a tank leak may result in removing an entire tank when only a minor, inexpensive piping repair is required. Proper testing of the tank can help homeowners avoid costly removals.


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Best Technology in the Industry

We use the Mesa 2D Test System which provides digital testing that is safe, fast, reliable and affordable. Our sophisticated testing technology can often evaluate the underground tank system in under 60 minutes.


State and Federal Certifications

All of our testing processes are federal and state approved testing methods for evaluating underground tanks. In addition, ATS holds current licenses in several cities, counties, and states.

Beware of companies claiming to perform a complete laboratory analysis overnight or on-site. The state approved soil testing method is complicated and takes time. Ask the company for the specific compounds tests. Check with our soil testing experts to make sure the company is performing an approved test!

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Areas covered by this service
  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)

Why Use ATS For This Service

Tank Testing

Our field technicians have extensive training and field experience.

Tank Testing
Certification and Licensing

ATS holds all required certifications and licensing.

Tank Testing
Step by Step

Our staff will walk you through each step of the environmental testing process.

Underground Tank Testing Options

It is important to protect your real estate investment. The lifespan of a buried steel heating oil tank can vary widely depending on the soil conditions and surrounding environment. Home buyers intending to remain oil heat customers should protect their investment by evaluating the tank and soil during the inspection period. You may also want to consider insuring the tank.

EPA Certified Leak Detection Tank Test


1.  Uses the most up-to-date testing equipment to evaluate the tank and associated piping.

2.  Includes an on-site field screen of the soil to determine if there is petroleum in the soil.

3.  You will receive a written pass/fail report within one business day.

Tank test failures can often be repaired. In these cases, we will do our best to identify the problem area.

Cost: This is our most economical inspection.

Reports: Available (1) business day from the inspection date.

Test Results: Available on-site.


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EPA Certified Tank Test with Soil Analysis - Comprehensive Test

1. Combines our tank testing services with our full soil analysis service to provide actual levels of contamination around the underground tank.

2. Corrosion evaluation which predicts whether the tank is at high risk for catastrophic failure in the near future.

3. Includes a laboratory analysis to determine the level of contamination in the soil.

4. Laboratory testing report will include a full summary interpretation of the laboratory analysis.

Cost: The EPA Certified Tank Test and full Soil evaluation service are discounted as a package. State certified test reporting form and summary report included with this service.

Reports: Tank testing report is available (1) business day from the service date. Soil analysis reports available in 3-5 business days.

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  • Will tank testing damage my tank?

    No. ATS uses state of the art technology that will not harm the underground tank. Years ago, many companies used air pressure testing as a means to evaluate underground tank systems. This type of testing could potentially damage the tank and associated piping. Today, strict pressure testing is not an approved test method in most states.

  • My oil company performed a water test and their representative concluded the tank does not have a problem. Do I need to test the tank using another method?

    Absolutely yes! Underground tanks may leak without ever taking on water. It is possible that a tank located in a dry area may have holes and water may never enter the tank because the water table is far deeper than the buried tank. Also, finding water in a tank may not indicate a tank failure. Often, water can enter the tank through small leaks in the vent pipe or fill pipe. Vent or fill pipe problems are easily repaired.

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I was in the process of closing on a real estate deal when a oil tank was discovered on the property. ATS went above and beyond to help me out and I would recommend them to anyone. Also if you are trying to close on your house and a oil tank is discovered during the sweep, just call ATS. From a price standpoint, value standpoint and overall service, no one in New Jersey is going to beat these guys. They will handle everything from the removal, remediation and also help you with getting the NFA and DEP reports.

Nimo Rijhwani, New Jersey

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