Drinking Water Testing

Is your drinking water safe? Our drinking water tests go above and beyond government standards.

Home Water Testing

Drinking Water Testing

Are well water and public water different? What is the safe drinking act? Is my drinking water safe? Testing your drinking water is an easy, inexpensive way to ensure you know exactly what you are drinking.


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Areas covered by this service
  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • Eastern Pennsylvania (PA)

Water Testing Options

Private Well Testing

Are you buying or selling a home with a private well? ATS makes sure you meet your local well testing requirements.

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Home Water Testing

Our EZ Water Tests provide a complete water testing solution as well as testing for particular contaminants. Our water testing experts are trained to help you with your particular situation.

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Learn More About Water Testing

Is My Drinking Water Safe?

Test your drinking water to make sure that the water you're drinking is actually safe, rather than just complying with government regulations.

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Where Does My Water Come From?

Learn the difference between having a private well and a public water system.

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Water Testing Kits

Using a mail order water testing kit may seem like a cheap option, but the results you get will most likely be inaccurate.

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Cost Comparison

Drinking water testing is an easy option to ensure your water is safe and great tasting and is a much better option than bottled water.

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ATS makes the water testing process painless and always provides us with professional and courteous services. I would recommend them for all your water testing needs.

Lisa Fritz, Owner of Goddard School, Jackson, New Jersey

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