What Realtors And Attorneys Should Know About Septic Systems

As a realtor you want the best for your client. You want your client to have a thorough septic inspection and receive a report that is complete and easy to read. ATS provides septic inspections for the real estate industry.

  • A live Septic Expert answers your call, not a machine, and can help you quickly.
  • Inspections are scheduled for specific times, not 2 hour windows.
  • Certified inspectors perform the inspection.
  • Written reports are available the next business day.

A major concern in the septic industry is companies that will inspect a system and provide a repair estimate when problems are found. This presents a conflict of interest. ATS does not repair or install septic systems and has no financial interest in the inspection results. What this means is that you are assured accurate and impartial results!


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Certified Inspectors

All of our inspectors are either NJ Registered Health Environmental Specialists or certified by the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA).

PSMA is widely recognized as the leading septic system authority in the area. They offer a rigorous training program and require inspectors to pass before they become certified.

Learn more about our accurate and unbiased septic inspection here or speak with one of our specialists today.