40 CFR 112 Background

Encourages Use Of Spill Prevention Plans.

  • The EPA enacted 40 CFR 112 to address concerns regulators have with releases and leaks at facilities with above ground storage tanks storing oil products. The idea behind 40 CFR 112 is to make sure these locations have prevention plans in place, routine inspections & countermeasures that would prevent oil spills from entering streams, lakes, rivers, ponds etc.

Here is an updated link to version of EPA rule 40 cfr 112.

Does 40 CFR 112 Apply To Your Facility?

  • Our 40 CFR 112 compliance page makes it easy to find out. The EPA bases applicability on 4 questions: (1) Is it a non-transportation facility?  (2) Does it store oil?  (3) Does it contains bulk storage capacity? (4)Is there impact to navigable waters?
  • Periodic above ground tank inspections are required under 40 CFR 112.  The type and frequency of inspection depends on the tank size, tank category and type of tank.  If you are unsure, our aboveground tank inspection page makes it easy to find out what your facility needs.

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