What is Organic Matter And How Does It Get Into My Drinking Water?

The naturally occurring decay of vegetation and organic compounds, typically referred to as organic matter, can result in musty or earthy smells in drinking water.

Usually not considered a health risk and organic matter tends to be more prevalent in shallow wells or above ground water sources. It is carried into the drinking water source from typical drainage and absorption of groundwater into the earth moving through the organic matter and carrying particles of it into the ground water.

Indications Of Organic Matter

  • Musty smell or taste
  • Moldy smell or taste
  • Fishy smell or taste

Can I Get Organic Matter Out Of My Drinking Water?

Whole house point of entry filters are effective in the removal of the nuisances associated with organic matter. Activated carbon filters and sediment filters are generally used to remove this matter.

If you think you have organic matter in your drinking water, contact one of our specialists to discuss your water testing and treatment options.