Can Detergents Get Into My Drinking Water?

Detergents and cleaning agents are very rarely found in water supplies.  However, detergents can make their way into water sources inadvertently and treatment needs to be performed.

Detergents are used for hundreds of purposes and can seep into water supplies through typical drainage as well as making their way into wells in something as simple as a septic issue or a washing machine being discharged near a wellhead.

The smell of detergents in public water supplies can also indicate the possibility of improper operation of the treatment systems.

Treatment Options

Depending on the cause, there are treatment options that range from simply locating and eliminating the source, to treating with chlorine for wastewater issues, to installing an activated carbon filter which can remove low levels of detergent.

If you are served by a public water system, it is advisable to contact your supplier to report this.

If you think you have detergents in your drinking water, contact one of our specialists to discuss your water testing and treatment options.