Oil Tank Sweep in Warren County, NJ

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Many Warren County properties have old underground oil tanks - many times without the owner even knowing. Don't let someone else's tank become your problem. Get an oil tank sweep.

Oil Tank Sweep in Warren County NJ

It’s no secret to Warren County homebuyers that there is a potential for a lot of liability when purchasing a home. In most cases, you can mitigate this liability by having experts analyze the property and check for potential problems. When it comes to your checklist of services to have performed, don’t forget to get your oil tank sweep.

The Use Of Underground Heating Oil Tanks in Warren County

Many Warren County, NJ houses prior to the 1960s utilized oil as their main source of heat. This oil was commonly kept in underground tanks. This kept the tanks from taking up space below the surface and provided a more aesthetically pleasing look for the home. When homeowners made the transition out of oil as their main heat source, these tanks become unnecessary.

However, removing them from the underground is expensive. So many homeowners, simply decommissioned their tanks from further use. Decommissioning is the necessary process to ensure the safety of the ground surrounding the tank. When homeowners skipped this necessary step, they ‘technically’ left the tank abandoned. Abandoned tanks are not properly secured from causing future harm.

In Warren County, Abandoned Underground Oil Tanks Pose A Real Threat

If you purchase a property and then find an abandoned underground heating oil tank, then you’ll be responsible for the damage that it caused. This happens regardless of whether or not you knew the tank was present below the surface. This is why it’s so important that you have an oil tank scan in Warren County NJ completed on a potential property before you choose to purchase it. This scan can alert you of any underground heating oil tanks so that you can do more research to determine if it was decommissioned or abandoned.

What May Cause An Underground Oil Tank To Leak?

As you learned, not all homeowners did the responsible thing and had their underground oil tank properly decommissioned. Some just left the tank abandoned. This can lead to the potential of an oil leak on the property. Here are some of the main culprits that can result in an underground tank leak:

  • Overfilling
  • Faulty Valves Or Other Mechanical Failure
  • Tank Corrosion
  • Improper Installation

As you can see, there are many factors that affect the ability of the oil tank to hold its components. In most cases, the aging of the tank tends to lead to the leaking of the oil. In some rarer cases, improper installation and faulty equipment are to blame.

Reasons To Have An Oil Sweep Performed in Warren County

An oil tank sweep in Warren County NJ is recommended for several reasons. The main aim of this investigation is to see whether or not a tank is present underneath the surface of a property. However, this leads to many more concerns.


As you learned above, the property owner is the one who is held liable for an oil tank leak below the surface. Oil leaks translate to major financial liabilities for property owners. You’ll have to pay for the cleanup, damages, and any lawsuits that happen as a result of the oil tank leak. You’ll need to obtain permits for construction and pay for laboratory testing of the soil and water during the cleanup process. The expenses go on and on.

Mortgage Requirements

An oil tank sweep in Warren County NJ is usually a requirement for most mortgages. Your mortgage lender knows the major financial liability of these underground tanks that are not properly decommissioned. Therefore, they want to ensure that there is no possibility of liability in regards to the property so they have an oil scan done. In some cases, the realtor may require the existing homeowner to have a completed scan done prior to listing the property.

Health Concerns

It’s no surprise to anyone that home heating oil can be dangerous to your health. It contains carcinogenic ingredients that can leak vapors. These vapors can cause vomiting, nausea, and other respiratory problems.

No Insurance Coverage

If you take a look at most homeowner’s insurance policies, they specifically denote the lack of coverage for properties with underground oil tanks. Again, this is because insurance companies know the big financial risk that they pose. If you end up purchasing a property with an abandoned underground heating oil tank, it’s likely that you’re going to have trouble finding a homeowner’s insurance policy to cover your property.

Environmental Damage

Oil can be extremely harmful to the environment. When dealing with abandoned underground oil tanks, the oil can leak into aquifers, water, and other surrounding properties. This can cause major damage to groundwater and the soil. Cleaning up this type of damage can cost in the millions and you’ll be required to call in a soil remediation company to handle the entire job.

Fire Risk

While the oil itself doesn’t pose much of a risk for fire, the vapors it lets off does. These vapors are prone to combustion. This can lead to a fire in the structures of your home on the property with the oil tank leak.

Warren County Tank Sweep Professionals

As you’ve learned, it’s vital to have an oil tank search performed prior to purchasing a new property in Warren County. This search will enlighten you of any potential hazards to the property and help to protect your financial future. You don’t want to be stuck dealing with the cleanup costs of an oil spill from an underground abandoned heating oil tank that you didn’t even know existed on your property.

If you’re interested in having an oil tank sweep performed, simply give us a call today. Our experienced sweeping experts as usually available the same day or the next day in the Warren County NJ area. They’ll perform a sweep of the property and give you a conclusive report right there on the spot. This way, you can make an intelligent financial decision about a potential property that you may want to purchase.

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Our report includes detailed site findings and recommends the steps you should follow to avoid inheriting a potential environmental problem. In addition, our field experts will physically mark the area at the property if it presents a potential environmental risk.

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I used ATS for an oil tank scan, and sure enough they found an oil tank. Turned out that the soil was also contaminated. Upon further analysis, the soil contamination was thirteen times the acceptable limit. Needles to say, we are not buying the house. I cannot say enough good things about ATS. They saved my family and I from a potentially crushing liability. I would recommend them to anyone buying a home in the Tri-state area.

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