Sewer Line Inspections For Your Home Or Building

ATS has provided reliable and state of art services to thousands of customers for years and we perform everything from septic system inspections to sewer line inspections.

In homes serviced by municipal sewer, homeowners are generally responsible for the maintenance and repair/replacement of the line that runs from the home to the hook-up on the street. With our sewer line inspection, our field inspectors will run a camera into the municipal sewer line, which runs from the home to the connection at the curb of the property, and visually inspect for compromises or issues that may result in leaks or impede flow. This can be useful to both home buyers wanting to make sure that they won’t have to spend additional money to replace lines after purchasing a home as well as homeowners who may be having issues with flow, build-up or blockage to determine the source of the problem.

What we are inspecting for with the Municipal Sewer Line Inspection:

  • Excessive build up in the lines
  • Cracks, breaks or crushed piping
  • Blockages in the lines

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