How it Works


Mesa performs two tests at one time

  1. A small digital probe is lowered into the fill pipe of the tank.
  2. The digital probe is connected to a computer which monitors acoustical signals inside the tank. Based on digital readings from the probe, the computer generates a digital map and acoustical profile of the tank’s integrity.
  3. If the MESA 2D test detects a “U-L” frequency leak, a leak may exist in the piping or empty portion of the tank. “U-L” leaks typically occur in the vent pipe or fill pipe and often can be repaired.
  4. If the MESA 2D test detects vapor bubbling, also known as a “P=L” frequency leak, the tank system has a leak in the oil or fuel filled portion of the tank. These leaks usually indicate a critical system failure. As a result, these tanks are often taken out of service and properly abandoned.

Watch a test being performed with the MESA 2D Technology:

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