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Most home insurance policies DO NOT offer oil tank protection! Homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover the costs associated with a leaking heating oil tank when the environmental damage only impacts your property. Tank insurance can provide coverage in these cases.

Don’t get stuck with exorbitant clean-up costs! The average cost for cleaning up environmental damage from a leaking heating oil tank is $9,000 and can be as high as $100,000 in some cases.

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Tank Insurance FAQs

How do I buy tank insurance?

  • ATS can provide any testing required as part of a tank insurance policy.
    We only deal with the nation’s largest tank protection program which provides policies for more than 100,000 oil heat customers with underground and above ground tanks. Contact us for Tank Insurance details about how to get up to $100,000 in cleanup protection.
  • Do you have a septic tank? If so, septic tank protection policies are available as well.

What is tank insurance? Will it protect me in the event my tank leaks in the future?

  • Heating oil dealers offer tank insurance policies that will pay the property owner up to $100,000 in clean-up costs if there is a release of oil from the tank. We recommend that all our clients purchase tank insurance.
  • As with any policy of this type, there are certain exclusions. Therefore, we recommend you contact your local heating oil dealer for more specifics about the terms and conditions.

The home I am buying has an active in-use underground tank and the owner has a valid tank insurance policy. Is it still necessary to perform tank inspections and test the tank for leaks?

  • Absolutely yes! Many realtors and attorneys advise home buyers that testing underground oil tanks is not necessary if the seller has tank insurance.
  • However, many home buyers do not realize that they will expose themselves to increased risk of environmental liability by not testing oil tanks before their purchase.

Read the exclusions! Tank insurance will only honor claims if there is a release of fuel from the tank, which is almost never the case with piping or top tank leaks. Also, the insurance adjuster can deny claims by simply claiming the leak existed prior to the date of the insurance policy.

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