Soil Testing

Why to use ATS for your soil testing needs:

    • Expert Personnel

Our soil testing personnel have undergone extensive training and have many years of experience. All soil testing personnel strictly adhere to state and federal guidelines for extracting and testing soil surrounding underground storage tanks.

    • Safe & Reliable Testing Process

Our technicians will locate buried tanks using special underground storage tank magnetic locators. This will pinpoint the outline of the tank’s structure and identify the area where soil should be tested.

    • Thorough Sampling and Lab Testing Ensure Accuracy

We advise our clients to test the soil on all 4 sides of the underground tank.

Corroding tanks will often discharge heating oil from only one side of the metal tank. If this is the case and soil is tested from the side that is not leaking the evaluation would nor detect the soil contamination, putting you and your home at risk.

Samples are also evaluated by an independent state-certified laboratory to make absolutely sure that your results are completely accurate.

Soil TestingConsider our Platinum Inspection
This evaluation tests the tanks for leaks and identifies petroleum product in the ground. This is the most comprehensive evaluation available.

Soil Testing FAQs

How long will it take to receive results of a soil test?
Our soil testing unites arrive at the job site the next day after your request for an appointment. Many times we accommodate same day service requests for clients that are up against contract deadlines.

Our soil testing technicians will need approximately 2 hours to extract the soil samples from the area around underground tank. When this is complete, the technician will transport the samples to a state certified laboratory.

The laboratory will analyze the samples and document their findings in writing within 7 business days. When we receive the laboratory report, we will promptly complete our written analysis including any recommendations.

Why aren’t the soil reports available in 24 hours?
State environmental agenies are now requiring soil analyses that take certified laboratories 48 hours to process.

We know that time is very important in real estate transactions and we will do our best to rush the samples through the required process, especially if you are on a tight deadline.

Does soil testing involve removing large amounts of dirt or drilling large holes next to the underground tank?

Our soil testing technicians will only need to probe an area about the size of a half-dollar. The soil is usually extracted from an area 6 inches below the base of the underground tank.

How is the soil tested if the tank is buried underneath a driveway?
No special process is necessary.

First our soil testing technician will use a special ultra-sensitive magnetic detector to map where the underground tank is located beneath the driveway. The technician then extracts soil samples from the mapped area on each side of the tank which will require drilling holes about the size of a half-dollar. After the soil is extracted, the technician will use patch to restore and fill in the driveway.

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