ConVault Tank Maintenance

What is ConVault?

ConVault is an above ground, fuel and oil storage system featuring a three-layered containment system that is engineered for safety, meeting all government, environmental and fire safety requirements for primary/secondary containment, leak monitoring, spill containment, and overfill protection.

Applications include:

  • Generator and boiler fueling
  • Emergency power
  • Fuel and lube dispensing
  • Marina fueling
  • Oil and chemical storage


Avoid costly tank failures!

Improper maintenance can lead to costly tank damage. While ConVault tanks are designed and manufactured so that they require little maintenance, every tank owner should have in place a program for regular maintenance to inspect their tanks and equipment, repair cracks, and refinish the tanks if necessary. Not only is periodic maintenance required by the ConVault warranty, but it is also required by many state and local regulations.

Contact ATS for all of your ConVault maintenance needs!

At ATS, our technicians have the specialized experience and compliance expertise in multiple states to ensure your Convault tank is operating efficiently. Fortunately, our inspection and maintenance services can often be done without suspending the AST’s operations or removing it from service.

Our services include:

  • Tank Refinishing
  • Top Coat Refinishing
  • Integrity Testing / Inspection
  • Compliance review
  • Tank & equipment maintenance recommendations
  • Equipment upgrades

Want to see an example? Check out our ConVault – Before and ConVault – After images to see the tank before and after maintenance!

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