Rockland County New York Well Water Testing

Rockland County local law states that upon signing a contract for the sale of a home with a private well:

  • The seller must get a water test and obtain written certification from a New York State approved laboratory.
  • The home seller is responsible to pay for the test.
  • The seller must provide the results to the buyer within 60 days of ordering the test.
  • If a problem is discovered, the seller must either pay to fix the problem or cancel the sale and return any down payments.
  • If a problem is discovered and the seller chooses not to fix it, the buyer may continue with the sale anyway or cancel the agreement.
  • Results are valid for 1 year.

ATS helps make complying with this law easy.


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Our specialists come directly to your house and take samples. We sample the untreated water directly from the well, according to law. If you have a water treatment system, such as a water softener, we simply bypass it to take a raw samples.

We then take a sample of the treated water. Treatment systems are often installed to remove known contaminants in the water. The second sample can show that the system is working in eliminating those contaminants. Speak with one of our representatives about the courtesy treated sampling options.

We recommend that if you have a well test done well before your closing date. Many wells fail, and if yours has a problem you will have time to get it corrected without delaying your sale.

Written analytical results typically take 5-7 business days to complete. Speak with an ATS representative if you require a faster turnaround option.