Fuel Tank Cleaning Process

Our fuel tank cleaning system offers distinct advantages over other types of cleaning systems

Problems with most tank cleaning systems

  • Limited by tank size: Our experience shows that fuel tank cleaning jet systems are not equipped for handling small size tanks. Jet cleaning is designed to work with at least a 4″ opening on the tank, which excludes many small tanks.
  • Fuel Polishing is extra: Many tank cleaning systems cannot polish fuel and the service is offered at an additional expense.
  • Debris can remain in fuel tank. Jet cleaning focuses on cleaning the walls of the tank and does not remove debris or sludge.
  • Expensive vacuum truck needed: Most fuel tank cleaning processes will require a vacuum truck on-site to remove debris, waste water and sludge from the tank. The vacuum truck and waste removal can present an additional expense outside the cost of the fuel tank cleaning.
  • Downtime is necessary. Fuel tank cleaning offered by other companies often require the tank to be emptied and taken out of service prior to the cleaning process. There costs associated with downtime and removing & warehousing fuel the owner may not be willing to pay.

Benefits of our Fuel Tank Cleaning System

  • Clean any size tank. Our system can be used on openings as small as 2″, which means we can handle any size tank or configuration.
  • Polishing fuel included. You don’t have to pay extra fuel polishing process. We include this service in every tank cleaning.
  • Remove debris. The system is extremely effective at catching debris, removing sludge and getting rid of water from the tank bottom. At the same time, our process reclaims all good usable fuel from the tank.
  • No vacuum trucks. You don’t need a vacuum truck with our system. You can save the costs of having a truck on-site and the expense of removing it’s waste.
  • No shut down required. The process does not require emptying the fuel tank prior to the cleaning. The tank can remain in operation while we complete our fuel tank cleaning.

We have the experience & guarantee our work.

Our tank cleaning division has cleaned more than 4,500 fuel tanks of all different sizes and configurations. We are confident that our cleaning process will remove the problems with your tank at a reasonable cost without taking your site out of operation. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.

Call us & speak with our tank cleaning specialist today.


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