Remediation Assistance Program

Significantly accelerate contamination clean up projects & save real money!

Fact: Many C-Stores and facilities are cleaning up contaminated sites and have installed continuous remediation systems as part of the process.

Fact: These remediation projects are extremely costly to maintain.

Fact: Despite the high costs involved, many of these projects have no end in sight. Year after year, owners are paying exorbitant costs for clean up projects at the same location and obtain very little improvement as indicated by site well monitoring.

Common Misconception: A single fuel spill or large leak was the only cause of the contamination problem.

Common Misconception: The site is NOT contributing to the contamination problem. This is assumed because conventional tank and line testing and standard leak detection methods indicate the components are no longer leaking.

There’s a good chance the tanks, line & other components are still leaking & contributing to the contamination.

  • Our experience shows that many of these sites are being plagued by components that are still leaking. These leaks frequently go undetected because conventional leak detection technology cannot find them.
  • Standard technology can only identify leaks of 0.1 gallons per hour which means as much as 876 gallons of fuel could be released into the environment each year. The fact is that any one fuel line or tank may leak up to this rate before being discovered by standard testing.
  • Because a typical gas station is constructed of at least 6 components (3 fuel lines and 3 tanks), the potential volume of environmental contamination is greatly compounded and could contribute as much as 4,000 gallons of fuel per year that is being handled by the continuous remediation system.

The Solution:

Our MDleak test & remediation program pinpoints & stops the leak. GUARANTEED!

  • We will evaluate the site using our MDleak test which is certified to detect leaks 20 times smaller than standard testing.
  • Leaks are identified and pinpointed as to their location.
  • Because of our pinpoint accuracy in finding problems in components, minimal excavation is necessary.
  • After the leaks are exposed, repairs are relatively simple and expensive.

ATS can help you clean up your site faster, helping you end the cost of maintaining costly remediation systems!

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