Helium Testing Saves Money

Helium Testing is the first step.

Don’t waste time & money digging to find a leak.

Helium testing is effective in finding leaks fast in underground piping & tanks.  Even if the system is buried under dense soils, concrete or blacktop – our sensitive test equipment will detect helium.

  • Our helium testing technology can pinpoint any leak.
  • Go much further than identifying a leak – our test will pinpoint the location of the leak with great accuracy.
  • Avoid the excavation expense of having to uncover multiple areas to visually identify the source of leak problems.
  • Save time. It’s much faster to find a leak using a helium detector compared to excavating multiple areas and visually locating leaks.

Helium testing makes repairing underground storage tanks easier!

When a tank fails a tightness test, helium testing can be used to pinpoint the source of the problem.   Repairing these systems no longer involves “guesswork”.   Helium testing identifies any area where trouble exists including:

  • tank tops
  • man-way gaskets
  • vent lines
  • vapor recovery systems

Helium detection testing is far more precise & reliable to traditional test methods including:

  • bubble testing
  • pressure decay
  • acoustic emission
  • dye tracer testing
  • liquid penetrant inspection
  • vacuum box testing

Heat Exchange Chambers are easily inspected!

Helium testing makes it easy to rapidly test hundreds of cylinders and tubes these system may contain.  In addition, our helium test allows for immediate retesting after repairs are made on identified leaks or holes.   This drastically reduces downtime and saves money on retest fees.

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Our helium testers can handle any system and have many years experience in pinpointing leaks in any buried or above ground system.

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