$10,000 Guarantee Against Future Releases

We have confidence in our testing capability & so should you!

  • How the $10,000 guarantee works:
  • Any facility we accept into our Leak Prevention Program is covered under the guarantee. If an underground release occurs while the site is in our program, ATS will pay the operator’s insurance deductible up to $10,000.

  • Ground breaking:
  • Offering a guarantee against underground tank leaks is virtually unheard of in the testing and leak detection industry. We can do this because MDleak can detect leaks 20 times smaller than inferior conventional testing systems.

Join our Leak Prevention Program! Qualify in 3 easy steps.

  • Initial Evalution
  • The site must undergo an initial evaluation to verify all components are tight and not leaking.

  • Screening
  • If problem components are identified, the leaks must be screened and stopped.

  • Monitoring Ports
  • The final step involves monitoring ports at the location. The cost for the small probes and installation are very inexpensive.

After these steps are completed, the site is eligible four our Leak Prevention Program.

  • This means the compnents (tanks, fuel line, etc.) are GUARANTEED.
  • The process also allows for cost effective testing at regular intervals which are usually performed on an annual basis. This will ensure that MDleak’s low leak threshold is maintained in the future.

Discover how easy it is to join our Leak Prevention Program and get the $10,000 guarantee.

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